On being so tired you can't see straight

Eventually I found three jobs.

I worked 8 hours at a nonprofit writing thank you notes. Then I worked at a frame shop for up to 20 hours per week. The pay was lousy. I made $8 an hour at the nonprofit and $6.75 at the Frame Shop. It didn't matter. These jobs got me out of the house.

Eventually I found a 3-month position at a local univerity, evaluating the effectiveness of a grant project. I could work up to 39 hours in this position. Between these three jobs, and driving from one to the next, and my twice weekly counseling sessions, I had very little free time and would tumble into bed exhausted.

I also had a new dog, one I had found at the SPCA. My wee little companion required lots of walks. Some weeks I worked almost 70 hours, which left me with very little free time. This turned out to be therapeutic. Eventually I cut out the nonprofit job, and reduced the frame shop hours to 12 per week.

I made very little money. And I worried about my financial future. But I just kept plugging away, taking each day as it came, hoping that counseling would help save my marriage.

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