Reward yourself every day

(As a reminder: I was a full time wife who worked part time in a home office at the time my husband left me. I had no children or pets to care for.)

No matter how awful you feel, don't be tempted to lie around in bed or slouch around the house in your slippers. That morning when Bob left for work after dropping the bomb, I took a shower, put on some nice clothes and makeup, and went to work in my home office looking like a million dollars.

I found a part time job by calling a friend, who asked me to start an 8-hour position writing thank you letters to people who had made donations to her nonprofit. A job was a job, and I took it. Anything to take me out of the house!

I stuck to a daily routine and schedule to prevent myself from sinking into depression.

I also joined an exercise club that was offering a two week free membership. Just leaving the house daily, looking good, and being among people helped.

Within one week I rewarded myself by purchasing a brand new outfit for work. It was just after Christmas, and the sales were in full swing. So, while I was bleeding on the inside, I looked great on the outside.

You wouldn't think it would work, but it helped.

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