The Divorce Channel: Children and Divorce

In light of Alec Baldwin's and David Hasselhof's well publicized custody battles over their children, here are some clips that discuss alternate ways to handle divorce when children are involved.

This is the second show of the Divorce Channel with guest Allison Bell, Child Psychologist. Host Al Frankel, divorce therapist and mediator, interviews her about the topic of divorce and children. These clips are posted on You Tube. In all, they will take around 30 minutes to view.

Number 2, Part A


Number 2, part B

...collaborative divorce, which I have found to be refreshing, and remarkably sane..."

Number 2, Part C

"Children have a lot of resiliency..."

Number 2, Part D

"If parents can stop the warfare, then there are some out of the box ideas..."

Number 2, Part E

"Here are some do's and don'ts about kids when you're getting divorced..."

Number 2, Part F

"Sometimes when parents go through divorce they might be needy and need comfort themselves. That's understandable ..."

Alison Bell's phone number is: 914-232-1211. She lives in New York state.

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