The kindness of strangers, men specifically

Edited to contain new material: My lawnmower conked out. I bought it in 2000 and spared no expense for a cordless electric, instant start, self propelling mower. This fall, the electrical wiring to the plug loosened, and the mower is no longer fully juicing. It stops after about 10 minutes.

What to do? Who fixes electrical mowers? And if I paid the person, what would he charge?

So, after consulting with my brother, I bought a cheap gas mower. It is taking two men over two hours to put the wheels on. I would never be able to do this by myself. Even with the tools in my girlie bucket, I simply do not have the strength to hold the nut in one hand and tighten the bolt with the other while juggling the mower on my knees.

Most men I encounter have been willing, ready, and able to help out this single woman. Just this weekend an old beau called to say hello and catch up with the news. When he heard about my electric mower he offered to come over to check on it (he is an electrician) or, if he couldn't resolve the problem, take the mower to a home for juvenile delinquents where the electrical teacher would work on it for the cost of the parts.

Another problem resolved, thanks to a helpful male. Things have a way of working themselves out, haven't they? It's time I pay the favor forward.

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