Little Girls Whose Daddies Leave Them

Little girls whose daddies leave them

...know it's all their fault.

...yearn for their daddies to come back.

...search for their daddies, sometimes all their lives.

...will do anything to get their daddies back.

...find substitute daddies, even in bad places.

...try to be good girls, even though they really think they are bad.

...have a hard time saying no.

...think they have a flaw that made their daddies leave.

...will do everything in their power to keep their new daddies (husbands.)

...will find fault with themselves over their daddies.

...might seem tough on the outside, but they are bruised on the inside.

...have a hard time trusting anyone.

...enter co-dependent relationships when they grow up.

I am a child of divorce. This was how I felt. This was how I reacted emotionally to men. Did I miss anything?


Anonymous said...

That is heartbreaking

Mom of 3 said...

Wow, this immediately brought tears to my age, because this is who I am. Down to a "T". Still hurts all these years later, still unresolved, still searching for inner peace and an abiding joy. It comes in moments, but that's all.

Mom of 3 said...

I meant "eyes," as in tears to my eyes.

Ms. Place said...

Yes, Mom of 3, one never forgets that horrible loss. When people ask me what it was like to be a child of divorce, it is hard to describe. My mom did the best she could to tell me how much I was loved and not to denegrate my father in front of me, but as a child I could see and feel nothing but loss.

Anonymous said...

The worst part is I didn't even realize all those things until after my divorce! (married 6 together 10.5). My parents divorced when I was 5, I don't even remember it. It's all hitting me now, the feelings of abandonment are ridiculous!