Best Resources for Divorced Parents and Separated Families

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Divorced Websites for Parents

  • Child Centered DivorceRosalind Sedacca is very active in educating parents about divorce. Her website, “Child-Centered Divorce,” helps parents minimize the emotional trauma for children whose parents are going through a divorce.
  • Attachment Parenting Blog Great Dad perspective with three children, 11, 8 and 4, which is a discussion venue for topics relating to single parenting, divorce, fatherhood.
  • Gabriel Cheong Law “This blog is really great, videos, interesting articles and I am sure very helpful legal advice for sticky situations divorced families get into.” -Nick, 19
  • Divorced at 50: What is life like after a 32-year relationship? This blogger spills all.
  • Judith’s Divorce Blog Reflections on divorce, separation and associated topics by Judith Middleton, who is qualified as a solicitor and an accredited family law specialist. Interesting perspective on this topic!
  • Dad’s House: “A single dad’s exploits–great music taste and he talks about all aspects of life.” -Mary
  • Divorce Diva A humorous and sweet perspective to a difficult situation–thank goodness.
  • Women’s Divorce Blog “Wow, a lot of really hard hitting articles and topics that are very well organized, a little bit like reading a book in pieces–good.” -Mary, 14.
  • Glenn Sacks “His stance is tough, but he seems to have a lot of different kinds of columns and resources about divorce!” - Nick, 19.
  • Darn Divorce “This is so funny, great comments and posts! I like her honesty.” -Marci, 17

  • Fathers For Life “Fatherlessness is the absence of their fathers in children’s lives. It is a large and serious social problem.”
  • The Divorce Blog This is really divorce professionals like lawyers educating consumers and parents. Their homepage also has a lot of great resources.

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