Divorce Party Invitation

Now here's something to wrap your mind around: divorce party invitations. As this blog states:
Most divorce parties are held when a couple is finally independent of one another, in other words, when the divorce is finalized. An alimony party may be held a year or so after the divorce, when the one party is no longer paying alimony to their past spouse. Most divorce/alimony parties are centered around the divorcee and are filled with cocktails, great food and good times, be it at a club or a back yard barbecue with friends…it’s like a backwards bachelorette party, celebrating the person’s newfound single territory!
A sign of the times? As one niece once told me, "My first marriage will be for practice."


Mediation Experts said...

More Backward bachelorette parties happening these days !!!!!!

Venom Froggy said...

Her first marriage is for practice, huh?

If this is how the average chick is gonna approach the whole deal, I'll just stay single and save myself the trouble, thank you very much.