Laughter and healing

I discovered an amazing thing during my separation from Bob: You can't cry and laugh at the same time. Oh, sure, you can laugh so hard that tears roll down your cheeks. But, if you smile or laugh as your are crying, the tears will dry up.

I would scurry from one workplace to the next as I tended my three jobs. When alone in the car, I would usually cry. A song would set me off. Or a memory. Or just the horribleness of the situation. I wore dark glasses to hide my pathetic swollen eyes. At the frame shop job, I would claim allergies for my condition. Of course, no one believed me.

Laughter and my absurd sense of humor saved me on many a dark day. My friends will tell you I can be funny. Even my ex enjoyed my humor (and I suspect he misses it, as his new wife is rather serious.) At parties, Vic could always be counted on to be jovial and cheery. And lest you think I'm a class clown, my nature is cheery. I just simply like to have fun.

By sheer accident I discovered how healing humor can be. Even during my darkest hours I could crack a joke. My humor put my friends at ease. It made me smile. It made them smile. It brought healing.

So when you find yourself crying buckets of tears, think of something wonderful and smile. Rent funny movies and laugh your heart out. Play with a puppy. Tickle a baby. Read a funny book. Nurture yourself with laughter. You'll feel better. Really.

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