On the right track...?

Here are my results to the quiz: Are you depressed?

Your Depression Level: 16%

You aren't depressed, and you probably already knew that.

Like everyone else, you have ups and downs.

But unlike most people, you've mastered keeping your mood stable.

Seems like a great result, right? At first I crowed at receiving confirmation that I was emotionally healthy (and I think I am.) However, for some reason I decided to test this quiz and took it three more times. Each time I chose worse and worse answers, and each time I received the same reply: "You aren't depressed, and you probably already knew that..."

Out of curiosity, here are a few statements I began to mark:

* You have been preoccupied with death, dying, or suicide.
* You feel like no one likes you anymore.
* You feel like you have nothing to live for.
* You feel more dead than alive.

And this is the worst result I got:

Is this free quiz harmless? I think not. Imagine if an actual depressed person took it and believed the erroneous result. He or she might stop seeing their counselor or taking their pills.

What a horrifying thought.

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