Winning at all costs: The results

Divorce can be so nasty that the two parties involved can lose sight of all rational thought. I have no doubt that Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger love their daughter Ireland, but since their split in 2000 neither has acted in her best interest.

Alec’s rant is inexcusable. What sort of father calls his 12 year old girl a pig? On the tape one can hear the frustration build in his voice. He’s at his wit’s end, but instead of lashing out at Kim, he unleashes his fury on Ireland. Bad daddy. Stupid daddy. What rational being leaves physical evidence of his loss of self control in the enemy camp? One who has reached the end of his rope, I suspect. Click here to read the rant in full.

In my opinion the release of that tape was even more horrible than the rant. Instead of being allowed to deal with her father’s tirade in private, Ireland has been forced to deal with her humiliation in public. Someone with an agenda that did not include this little girl's welfare released that tape to TMZ, a sleazy, muckraking tabloid. I doubt Alec’s camp was behind such a vicious, self-defeating move.

In response to the maelstrom, bad Mommy's camp released this statement: "Everybody is always asking why this custody battle has been going on for so many years. The issue is not about Kim or the alleged alienation that Alec constantly refers to, it is about his ongoing aggressive behavior. Kim's sincerest wish is for him to finally address his unstable and irrational behavior so he, at some point, can potentially create a relationship with his daughter. Until then, Kim will continue to protect and safeguard her child's well-being as any parent would."

To justify his actions, Alec’s representatives retorted: "Although Alec acknowledges that he should have used different language in parenting his child, this was one, isolated example of inappropriate language; whereas, Ireland's mother has subjected her daughter to a six-year, systematic campaign of deliberately attempting to alienate her from her father."

No matter how many justifications the two parents make, it’s obvious that “winning” is more important than their daughter’s psychological health or welfare. When will the madness end? And will Ireland ever be able to have a normal relationship with a man after years of emotional abuse from both parents? I doubt it.


Chris said...

Love the blog...love your thoughts. Been lurking and will be back. You are so right in so many areas. Good luck to you.

mscsrrr.com said...

The Bad Effect of Divorce On Children.

You've a great blog here about divorce and I am glad to find it.

Bravo for a all your writings which are very informative and valuable.

After much rumination, it has just occurred to me that perhaps Ireland, Alec Baldwin’s daughter was really misbehaving for fact and so angered his dad.

I believe that a lot of times, children are very angry about the divorce of their parents and this can trigger many attitude changes and anti-parents and anti-social behavior in them as ways to display their displeasures and protests to the divorces and the battles going between their mommies and daddies.

Some of them may run away and become prostitutes or join vicious murderous gangs, as a way to rebel against their parents and cope with their depressions.

Some may opt to move to foster homes.

Some may escape into alcohol and drug addiction to forget the pains.

Most often these escapisms will lead them into troubles with the law and the authorities.

Sometimes some of them will seek the thrill of committing crimes, shop lifting and rape as ways to forget their pains and cope with their depressing family situations.

Often, parents are not aware that their children are human beings and have feelings and need their mommies and their daddies in their lives.

Parents are often selfish and yet after the divorce they continue their battles using child custody as an excuse, thereby making the children even more bitter and repelled by them.

They just don’t get it.

Don’t get me wrong though, for I don’t want to ignore the needs and well beings of parents.

I am in support of a divorce when a marriage is no longer viable.

I am even more in support of couples making absolutely sure they are compatible before getting married.

And lastly I am in support even more of married couples making sure that the marriage will last before they start having children.

My point is that instead of focusing on the aftermath and the ugly depressing consequences of bad marriages and divorces, we should be focusing on the root causes and taking preventive actions instead of reactive actions.

When a divorce happens, it is heart-rending for a child to accept the reality that mommy and daddy have broken up and the family is no longer one.

But when the couple hustle them through child custody battles for them it becomes like jumping from frying pan into real fire.

No normal positive minded healthy child will be happy to have his/her family break up and have to be hustled through the nightmarish court battles for custody.

I believe this is a national epidemic.

America has become the greatest nation of dysfunctional families

I believe the time has come for a national serious discussion about this ugly trend and concrete actions taken to fix what is wrong with the institution of marriage in America.

The family is the foundation of the society.

If families are allowed to break up and decay, sooner or later the whole society and its civilization will decay and disappear too.

This is why I consider this a serious issue which deserves a national attention and action.

For more, please read my book “Oh Behave America”.

In this book I have discussed all the things I believe are wrong with America and how to fix them and so save America from perishing within the next 50 yrs.

America is living on a borrowed time.

But there is still hope if Americans wake now and take the right actions, instead of sweeping their problems under the rug or being in denial.

Ikey Benney (Creator of “TMT Power Secrets”)
Divorce in America

Vic's Still Standing said...

Thank you, Chris, I am touched.

mscsrrr, even though your comment reads like an ad, I agree with some of your statements. Divorce has become too easy. Getting married is too easy. We must jump through hoops to adopt a child (and sometimes a pet) but almost anyone can get married and have children without interference.

As for a child acting out. Yeah, you're right. But that doesn't excuse the behavior of the parent, who is older and should know better how to comport him or herself in this situation. Calling your child a "pig" is NEVER right.