Inviting the Single Person to Dinner

Singled Out: The dos and don’ts of inviting the unattached, by Helena Echlin advises married couples about the ins and outs of inviting singles to dinner or a couples event. As I've described on this blog on several occasions, I seldom get invited to couples gatherings these days. Most of my invitations are to meet girlfriends for lunch or for a girlfriends' night out.

This article talks about SPE, or single person energy. It seems we single women exude an exciting crackling energy that couples find a bit intimidating. We dress and groom a bit better, attend more exciting events, and keep our minds engaged.

Recalling my days as a hostess, I say that half the article is nothing but B.S. I always invited single people to my events, whether they were men or women, but frankly, I rarely noticed this so called SPE. Click here to read the article at CHOW: Singled Out.

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Anonymous said...

I find it strange that people categorise one another. My parents recently went through a divorce, however, almost the opposite happened. They ceased to recieve any invites to social gatherings.

Now that they did not conform to single married life, they got 'singled out', excuse the pun. Women in particular were less than hospitable. In your experience, did you find that there was a difference between the way men and women treated single people?