Write It Down

You are going through a separation and a divorce: this is no time to rely on memory. Write everything down. Everything! Keep a day book, a diary, and a running account of expenses of the past, present, and future. Leave nothing to chance.

I discovered as I worked through my grief and depression that I would forget the most obvious details at the most inconvenient times. So I learned to print out every email and save every note and scrap of paper.

I also learned that by jotting down my thoughts and feelings I could gain control of my emotions. In the middle of the night when I could not sleep, I would take pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard and pour my heart out. My brain could not tell the difference between my having had an actual conversation with a real person or an imaginary one. Once I got the words out on paper, I had relieved my mind of a problem and I was able to move on to the next step.

As you feel your life spinning out of control, take control of your life. Be organized. Save all scraps of paper. Write down your impressions of conversations. Take note of dates and times.

Take care to protect yourself. For if you don't, who will?

Here's a helpful blog: Write Out of Depression

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FI0NA said...

Yes, I agree, write it out. Now back to my blog!!! Sometimes I find scraps of paper in my office from around the time of the break-up, with my feelings, reasonings, frustrations. I have no recollection of them, and they often make no sense to me, but I can see my perspective has changed.