Facing Your Fears

I finally saw a photo of her. The new wife. For years I'd been avoiding this moment, fearing it. I feared it despite hearing comments like,
  • She's a pale imitation of you.
  • She's a piece of work.
  • She walked into the room and I overheard her saying, "Watch me, I'll have them eating out of my hand in less than an hour." She didn't.
I should have known better than to run from my fears. My good friend Leslie offered to show me a picture of her years ago, knowing what I would find. But I couldn't let go of my worry that somehow Bob had traded me in for a better model. The new wife might not behave with much class or decorum, but I knew she had been successful in business and had made a considerable fortune. Bob had also gone through great pains to tell me that she "completed him." She was his "soul mate." I didn't want to find out what a completer looked like.

Well, now I know.

One day when the opportunity presented itself I looked. And paused. And looked again. And felt nothing but relief. It felt like I'd removed a yoke.

And then my funny bone took over and the laughter poured out of me. They looked like two plumb salt and pepper shakers. The image was simply too much, and I have been laughing ever since.


FI0NA said...

Sometimes the reality is far less scary than your imagination.

BigAssBelle said...

again, good for you. the fear vanished in the face of reality. having been involved with my husband's ex wife on a somewhat regular basis since we've been together, i find myself wondering how on earth he could have been married to her, ever. she probably thinks the same thing about me. either way, neither of us is unhappy about the way things are and i definitely got the better end of mike.