Over Fifty and Divorced? You're Probably OK

Here's an interesting online article about divorce after 50 from AARP titled A House Divided. It comes to this conclusion:
At all age levels, midlife divorcers did quite well on our survey's measure of contentment and expectations for their future. When compared with respondents to other recent surveys, they reported roughly the same measures of happiness as other single Americans their own age, and those who remarried also scored very high. This held true regardless of who made the decision to split or how long the marriage lasted. As for regrets, about 70 percent of those who initiated the divorce were confident they'd done the right thing.

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BigAssBelle said...

i know soooooo many women who were heartbroken at the time of divorce and for a bit thereafter. and today they'd not change anything about their free and singles lives. nothing. i think that's pretty cool, really. i am certain if i lost my husband i'd not remarry. i love him madly and he is my soulmate. but marriages are a boatload of work and sometimes i think of my single days with a kind of nostalgia, simply for the freedom of it all.